‘Progjet Friûl’ is a celebration of the Furlan language. It takes the village songs and poems from Sandro’s birthplace, Friûl – in the far north east of Italy, and presents them with his new band, La Bande di Sandro.

The band infuses the folk songs with the infectious dance rhythms and improvisations of New Orleans jazz and the Caribbean calypso. There is homage to the brass band traditions of his village along with church bells and a hauntingly beautiful voice speaking in language.

This is a delightful and engaging blend of music, song, spoken word, and history that gives the listener a unique experience of village life and Furlan culture. A booklet with words, stories and translations along with a rich collection of photographs and images accompanies the CD.

La Bande di Sandro:
Sandro Donati, cornet, trumpet, vocals
Patrick Miller, tenor saxophone, clarinet, vocals
Emelia Wilmot, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone
Peter Baylor, acoustic guitars
Jo Abbott, piano accordion, backing vocals
Andy Ross, double bass, backing vocals
Denis Close, cavaquinho, bass drum, extra percussion

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MySpace Sandro will launch this exciting new CD at a concert at Montsalvat’s Barn Gallery.
Sunday 9th of May 2010 | Time, 3.30pm
Tickets, $25 full / $20 concession
Bookings and information, Montsalvat 94397712
or email: info@wilddoghill.com.au